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When the idea of “church” first began, it was a group of people who lived life together. These small group communities as seen in the book of Acts lived intentional lives focused on loving Jesus and loving those around them, and through them the world was changed.

LifeGroup is a place to encounter God’s presence, go deep in His Word, share life together, invite friends and have an absolute blast. It is also the best way to get connected to our church.

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Serve on a Dream Team

We are able to do church every Sunday because of the help of so many wonderful volunteers — which is why we call them the Dream Team! From set up & tear down, to kids ministry, to guest services & everything in between, church happens because of people who are willing to serve!

There are multiple ways you can serve with us:

  • Kids Ministry (background check required)
  • First Impressions (greeters, ushers)
  • Volunteer Hospitality (providing snacks for our wonderful volunteers)
  • Production (slides, lights)
  • Creative Team
  • Set Up
  • Tear Down

Join a Dream Team

october fast

Join us for our annual corporate fast October 14-16! We want to see our generation hunger for God. We want our very basic needs to be satisfied in Jesus, by letting our physical hunger during these three days stir a greater spiritual hunger for more of Jesus — in our lives and in our generation!

First time fasting? Download our Fasting Tips here.

daily prayer points:

day 1: pray for personal breakthrough

READ: Ezekiel 37:12-14

REFLECT: As you meditate on this scripture, ask God, what are the things in my life that feel weary, dry or dead? After reflecting on this, pray to God and ask Him to bring breakthrough, to pour out His Spirit over you so that you can live abundantly.


• Pray that God would reveal Himself as Lord over your life today, as the one who leads and guides you.

• Pray that God would increase your hunger and your faith to believe daily for breakthrough in your life.

• Pray that you would have dependency on Jesus and the Holy Spirit today, that you would be led by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will.

day 2: pray for antioch slc

READ: Ezekiel 37:1-10

REFLECT: As you meditate on this scripture, ask God, what would it look like for our church to be full of the Spirit, full of life and an army for the Kingdom of God? After reflecting on this, pray to God and ask Him to breathe fresh life into Antioch SLC and to raise up an army of ones who are set on fire for Jesus and His Kingdom.


• Pray for an army of holiness and wholeness. That we would walk in purity of heart and character and be fully surrendered to God’s will for our lives.

• Pray that we would be unified as a family, that all would feel welcome and loved and that we would all be unified for the mission and purposes of God.

• Pray that Antioch would be a spark plug that ignites revival for the Body of Christ in Salt Lake City.

• Pray that Antioch would be an army that sews the seeds of the gospel freely and faithfully to see the dead come to life through the power of the gospel in our city.

• Pray that Antioch SLC would find a physical church home to put our roots down in the city that would be a place that fosters revival and a move of God in this city and in the nations of the earth.

day 3: pray for god's kingdom to come in our valley

READ: Ezekiel 37 (whole chapter)

REFLECT: If you are able, take time today to read the entire chapter and ask God to reveal to you what a united Body would look like in this city? After reflecting on this, pray for unity among the body! Read Ezekiel 37:15-28 and recognize that God wants to unite His churches and the Body of Christ, so that we can be an army of effectiveness that lives in unity with one another and sees the Kingdom of God come to earth.


• Pray for God to release the floodgates of revival over this valley, to wash away the bones and to breathe life into the dry places.

• Pray that Salt Lake City would recognize the authority of God, that He is on His throne over this valley and that He will establish the true Kingdom of God here.

• Pray that people would surrender fully to Jesus, that they would receive the breath of life that is the gospel and that lives would forever be transformed.

• Pray for hope to fill the hearts of those who are far away from God, that they would know that there is abundant life for them in the Kingdom of God.

• Pray for the LDS church, for God to continue to reveal that He alone is King over all and He alone will establish His church in this valley. Pray for revelation of the truth for the hearts of the people in this city and for the foundations of this city to be shaken, for walls to fall down and the light and breath of the King to come and flood and fill every crack.



October Fast 10/14-10/16

Mark your calendars for our annual October Fast! We are so excited to spend these days fasting & praying together as we believe for breakthrough in our lives, our church family and our city!

Nations Night 10/25

Want to hear about what God is doing around the world? Come hear stories of God moving in the nations this summer through our Antioch SLC teams, and find out how you can be involved in missions in 2020!

Young Adult Pumpkin Party 10/26

Our Young Adult ministry is getting together on Saturday, October 26 for some harvest time fun! You can expect great food, some friendly competition, and lots of pumpkin related activities.

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